Spring is in the air

The snow melting in the north brings forth a beautiful transformation in the region’s natural landscape. The once snow-covered forests and mountains are slowly revealed, with the lush greenery of spring emerging underneath.


Spring in the north

The sound of rushing water fills the air as the snow melts and streams and rivers flow freely once again. The sun shines brighter, warming the air and bringing a sense of renewed energy to the region

As the snow continues to melt, the wildlife begins to emerge from their winter hiding places, adding to the already abundant natural beauty. Moose, reindeer, and other animals can be seen grazing on fresh greenery or drinking from the flowing streams.

The north’s snowmelt is a reminder of the cyclical nature of life and the beauty of change. It is a time to embrace the new beginnings that come with spring and the hope and renewal that they bring.

The chives are harvested in the greenhouse. The red wood ants and butterflies wake up. The Daphne blooms and the cranes arrive. At the same time, the snow is still on the ground and the snow melting is in full swing.

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