A nice day on the ice – long-distance ice skating

Last week, Kvarken was kind enough to freeze over with new ice, unusually late in the season. Clear, calm, and very cold nights helped with this.

ice skating

Örnsköldsvik municipality offers excellent opportunities for long-distance ice skating. The season can be very long. If the weather permits, it can start as early as the end of October when the smallest lakes freeze. As there are a large number of lakes of all sizes, new ice forms continuously. Then, there is the sea. To the north of Örnsköldsvik, in the municipalities of Nordmalings and Umeå, there are also good opportunities for ice skating. To the south, there is the part of the High Coast that is in Kramfors municipality.

For the curious novice, the internet offers a lot of information on long-distance ice skating. Just search for it!

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